How can I use current Miro board which I used or create after graduate?

  • 26 December 2022
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Hello team!

I am heavy user of Miro (Education plan given by school) ! I create a lots of notes, files even CV, and I would like to keep using / editing the file after graduation.

However school’s email account will expire after graduate. 

I shared all the file with private gmail account just be safe (free plan). But I am not sure, what will happen after my main school account expired.

Is there anyone know how can I keep using? How should I avoid loosing all my files?



6 replies

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@Ayaka Yamada -

If you create a separate (free) Miro account for yourself using your private e-mail address, you can share the boards you created from the school account with that private account, create new boards in the private account (up to 3 active under the free plan), and copy & paste or duplicate the content from the school boards to your private ones.


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@Ayaka Yamada - To understand the details of your Education Plan, I have a few questions. 

I am heavy user of Miro (Education plan given by school)

If your school set this up for you in the beginning, i.e., you never went to Miro’s website and completed this form, then it sounds like either one of your instructors applied for the Education Plan (Educator-type license) or your school has a custom Education Plan.

Do you remember going to Miro’s website to complete the this form?


I shared all the file with private gmail account just be safe (free plan).

As @Kiron Bondale said, this is one option for you to be able to move or duplicate boards from you Education Plan team to your Free Plan team.

Downloading a board backup

Just to be safe, you could also download a backup of your board from your Education Plan and save a copy of these board backup files (.rtb) in a cloud service - Google Drive, One Drive, etc. NOTE: You will not be able to restore these from a Free Plan team and would have to have a paid subscription, e.g., the Starter Plan at $10/month, in order to restore them - it is just another option. 


But I am not sure, what will happen after my main school account expired.

The answer go this question goes back to my original question of who set this account up in the first plan. If you applied for it and Miro upgraded a Free Plan (that you had set up with your school email) to an Education Plan team, and are the Team Admin, then you own it. When your Education Plan expires, I believe the plan would be downgraded to a Free Plan team again. Before the plan expires, you could add your private email as a Team Member. Then, you could use the “Leave team” action at this point you are asked who should be the new Team Admin should be. Then you would choose your private email as the new Team Admin and now when you login to Miro using your private email, you will see two teams: The current Free Plan team that you have and the Education Plan team (which will eventually be downgraded to a Free Plan team).

To determine if you are the Team Admin of your Education Plan team, have a look here:

And you should see:


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And here’s a recent post about promoting a new Team Admin for an Education Plan that you own/are the current Team Admin:

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@Kiron Bondale @Robert Johnson 

Thank you very much for your all tips! Yes I set up through the link by myself as long as I remembered.

For now, I will keep sharing with my private account (free plan) and I will switch to paid-plan before I graduate.

@Robert Johnson 

Will you please teach me how to download to Google Drive? It would be appreciated if you could send me a screen shot! 


Thank you!


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@Ayaka Yamada - Thanks for confirming that you set up the Education Plan and not your school. Since you set it up, you should be the Team Admin for that plan/team and therefore you will have more options for copying your boards.

I would suggest that you download copies of your boards - here are the instructions:

Once you have downloaded backups, you can upload them to Google Drive just like any other files.

Once you get close to finishing school, you could could download copies of your boards again, upgrade your current Free Plan team that you use your private email with, and then restore the downloaded board backup files to your paid plan team - instructions on how to restore a board can be found here:

Best of luck!

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@Robert Johnson Thank you very much for your all update! It is my life saver, I am relieved hear that I could still keep using my files! I will do as you suggested :)