Export X-Y coordinates to table (CSV)?

  • 2 August 2022
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Hi everyone!

Is there is any way to export X-Y coordinate data from miro board elements (especially sticky notes)?

Ideally to a table (say, CSV)?

If there is no way (yet), can it be easily coded or somehow obtained via API? (I have very little expertise.)

Reason: Many of the methods I use on miro boards are based on categorizing sticky notes, say by locating them over a continuum or under different categories. This can be complemented by having different folks or different subgroups work over the same elements, to then aggregate their perspectives (social voting / social choice). So, it would be great to have data on position + content of a set of elements (sticky notes), to process more efficiently. 

This is mentioned as an idea here but I’d love to open the conversation! It would make such a great difference for my work now.

3 replies

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@Javier Guillot  This is easily done with the API/SDK. But would require some coding.

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Hey @Javier Guillot,

As Max mentioned, this could be accomplished using our SDK or API, as items’ positions are accessible in an x, y format. For example, if you retrieve a sticky note via API, you’ll notice the response includes a `position` object with x and y coordinates:

The import into an external CSV would be something you would need to handle with logic on your end, however. There are many packages out there that handle this type of use case though — you might consider taking a quick look around npm, etc. 😀


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Thank you so much @Max Harper and especially @Will Bishop for your replies. I have zero expertise as a developer, but I’ll read and try things out, and will report here if successful!