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  • 3 May 2021
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Hi there,

How is it possible to make a custom widget by combining built in widgets?

3 replies

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@Afshin Hoseini 

Right now, options are limited for this feature, you can only create the widgets indicated here: 

  • when using the REST API (here), or
  • the SDK (here

You can construct them with control over their placement / geometry - which can sort of look like a custom widget- but you can’t group them so they move together  


There is a conversation and request for something more custom on the dev forum here

Being able to group widgets (especially, create sets of grouped widgets) would go a long way. For instance, it would allow automatically creating images/icons with a text box underneath that can be moved together, which is an extremely frequent use case… (see for instance how file and folder icons in system file explorers are presented, AWS and Azure diagrams, etc., etc.).

For instance, for now, icon library plugins such as AWS, Azure allow only to drag and drop icons, and each time, you must manually add the line of text to indicate the name or id of the resource, which is highly impractical.

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@Aleph Ofosev 

Exactly!  Thanks for explaining that use. :)