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  • 30 July 2020
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Hello everyone, this is the same StickerMan team. Recently, we thought, but Miro is used not only by designers, managers of large and small companies. A large whiteboard on the Internet brings together many people with different professions, from a designer of a big company to one person working as a freelancer. We met a person who uses the whiteboard. She works as a foreign language tutor; with the help of Miro, she conducts her classes remotely. Such lessons are quite interactive and exciting. After a short interview, we identified some wishes that would help teachers and tutors organize lessons. For example, the function of hiding information on a sticker or shape, the teacher can hide some information up to a certain point (a hint, an answer, maybe even something in the form of a surprise). In such classes, they are now trying to hide information by covering them with stickers or removing them somewhere far away. Our solution will facilitate their work.

Hidden information on sticker
Do u know?
Exactly! U got it 


6 replies

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Wow, that’s cool!

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That is awesome! There are lots of good opportunities to use that capability for quizzes & games!


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Awesome! @Vladislav Khodchenkov good work!

How do I get it? I cannot find this plug-in? :o

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@Vladislav Khodchenkov :

Yes, I’m also interested!



I have used this awesome plugin for several months (a mate installed it to me).

But yesterday the board was automatically updated (as I understood it) and this function got lost. 

@Vladislav Khodchenkov Probabaly you could help with it? Or this plugin hasn’t been available anymore?