Creating Templates with Inheritance of Locked attributes of Components

  • 27 August 2020
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I have created Miro boards that I expect to use in a number of events and so I export the board as a template so I can source it to instantiate my board for other events.

The problem is that all the locked attributes for components in the original source are not preserved in the Template and its tedious to have to reassert the locks every time.

 I was expecting export as template will preserve all attributes in the template, this includes lock attribute. Why isn’t this the case?

3 replies

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@Tarang -

That is likely a design choice by the Miro product team. Let’s assume you don’t like the default template and wanted to remove or modify some elements in it - in that case, you’d spend a lot of time unlocking those.

I’d suggest that if you can come up with an elegant approach to address both needs, add a wish list topic following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro


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The simplest way to accommodate both ideas is that when templates are saved as private then it has all the locked components as is and if the template is made public then all locks on components are removed.  This way one can promote use and flexibility of sharing temnplates.

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@Tarang  How are you creating a board from the original template? Are you doing it through a) duplicating a board via the REST API - perhaps following this? Or b) duplicating content from within a board to another board?  If so… there may be quirks there… I haven’t tried it yet. If you’re not doing ‘a)’ above… I’d recommend trying that. Duplication of a board may bypass the API/SDK’s inability to set the ‘locked’ attribute on widgets. 

but, if neither of the above, if you’re going through the normal UI route of creating a template → 

The normal behavior for templates, those created entirely through the normal UI, is that:

  • that which is locked at time of creating template remains locked at time of that template getting spawned into a new board. 
  • that which is unlocked at time of creating template remains unlocked at time of that template getting spawned into a new board. 

Here’s a demo of that happens / how to get that to work: