Bug when deleting a member via API?

When a board owner is removed from a team by an administrator, ownership of the board is transferred to the team administrator and the board is not moved to the trash.
However, when the board owner has the board open in his/her web browser and the board owner is removed from the team by the administrator, the board is moved to the trash.
Is this a specification? Is it a glitch?

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Hey @K.Y,

Thanks for addressing your question. What happens to the boards a removed user has owned depends on the option the Admin removing them chooses:


If they select Delete user - the boards get reassigned to the specified user, but should they choose to Delete user and content, the boards will end up in a trash bin. The dialog window differs from plan to plan, but the logic stays the same.


Hope this answers your question. 

Thanks for the reply.
I didn't word it well enough.
I am using the following API to delete members.
Delete team member from team (miro.com)

If a board owner has a board open in a web browser and the administrator deletes the person via the API while the board is open, the board will be moved to the trash. (This will not happen if the board is not open in the web browser.)

I would like to be able to delete members using the API without the board being deleted by the administrator, whether the board is open or not.

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Hey @K.Y,

Thanks for the clarification!

I moved your question to the developers forum, adjusted the title of this post and asked a developers advocate to take a look at the issue you're reporting as API is outside of my scope, I'm afraid. Please bear with us for a little longer!