Batch API Requests

  • 15 July 2022
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Hi all!


I'm building an app which has to write a few hundred post its to a board at once.


However, it's quite slow now as I have to make the POST requests many times in sequence rather than as one big batch.


Could I ask if there are any suggestions to overcome this? I tried search but couldn't find any information on a batch request functionality.


Thanks. Cheers!

3 replies

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Hey @Addison Schultz thanks so much for the quick reply. The proposal looks great and would definitely be helpful for us.


We are building a clustering + summarisation of clusters tool which reads a selection of post its, sends it to an AI model to create clusters and a summary, then finally writes back to the board with each cluster in one frame. 


I do feel that the rate limit of 20 per batch might be on the smaller side as we may have clusters of up to 100 notes. Would love to see the limit being increased to 50 or if possible to 100.


Either ways the development experience has been pretty great with the SDK. Looking forward to this improvement!!



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Hey Joseph - We have this feature on our official roadmap, which you can find here:

We’re doing some testing / QA on the feature right now, and have some questions linked to the post above, if you’re interested in helping us shape the way the feature might work. 

I don’t have a timeline on this at all yet, but you can find more info above!

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I have similar issue - Batch endpoints | Miro