Add tags and filtering to mind map

  • 13 September 2023
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Hey! I would love to see tags added to the mind map nodes. At our Lab, we use mind map to structure our user tests process, from the research questions, the test objectives, to the methods and tools, but also to gather and analyze data. And we use tags to indicate many different things: methods or tools we’ll use to look into a specific questions, link participants number to a finding, indicate the level of importance of a finding, etc. And the filtering of those tags is also helpful, for. ex is we want to see what research question will be covered by which method, or to see what feedback a precise participant or group of participants have shared. Right now, we are using MindManager but it won’t be supported by our studio anymore. And anyway, we’d prefer to use a collaborative tool. The only thing stopping us to move to Miro (for mind map) is this absence of tagging/filtering system.  

1 reply


Hello Annie,


Indeed, we currently do not support adding tags to the mind map nodes in Miro, and it’s not expected to be added any time soon.


That said, as an alternative approach, you could try filtering various nodes by adding tag-like structures in the nodes’ text itself -