Once I develop my API, will it be easy for my clients to use it?

  • 28 May 2020
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with my team we are considering to develop an API in order to do, remotely, some workshops that we used to do in-class.

It is a bit unclear to me if it would be easy for the clients to use it and if guest editors could use it.

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4 replies

Could @Boris Borodyansky or anyone help me?

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Hi @FrankMiler,

Sorry for the delay. Let’s see what we can do to get this figured out!

If you’re looking to set up workshops in Miro, there’s no need to necessarily develop your own API, as Miro is built to handle remote workshops and meetings.

If you’re looking to develop your own custom integration with Miro, learn more about the Miro Developer Platform.

And collaborating with guest editors is easy. You can find out more by reading this help article.

I hope that helps!

Michael Sohn


Hi @Michael Sohn .


Thank you for the material which I have, more or less, already studied deeply.

My last question is then: can Guest Editors access boards where I enabled a custom plugin built by my developers? And would that development require further steps for guest editors or could they benefit a smooth kind of experience where they would be access the board and use my plugins straight from the link?

Thank you!

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Hi @FrankMiler,

If I’m understanding your situation, you’re looking to give Guest Editors access to your board with your custom plugin already enabled, without having them go through extra steps, or without having your team go through extra steps, to allow access. Is that right?

If so, the short answer to that question is: I’m not sure. I think so?

As long as the board is public, Anonymous Guest Editors will be able to access it. I don’t see why the plugin on your board that you share would not be enabled when sharing with Guest Editors.

If you want to be able to see their names when collaborating and sharing the board, they will need to sign in/sign up for a Miro account.

Here are some other materials I found that might be helpful?

Build Your App
How to Build a Web-Plugin

Web-Plugin Installation and Authorization

Let me know if any of these help. If not, I’d suggest reaching out to Miro Support by submitting a ticket here.