How to export MindMap as a JSON?

  • 5 May 2020
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Hi there! Is it possible to export Miro Mind Map with keeping the hierarchy? I’ve tried to export in CSV, but I get a flat list of items. Maybe it is possible using API?

3 replies

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@Andrew Voznyy  This is doable!  With a little programming.  I can totally understand why you’d want this.  We do too. :) 

We’ve been working happily with the API for a couple months now. . . working with network structure - mostly from the angle of import and render to board. - learn more about that here-   but getting the network structure from the board and json-ifying it would be trivial.  We’re almost doing that on one of our Miro apps. … here let me make a quick demo of that in action… 



At 1:20 you’ll see how close we are to what you’re hoping to do. 

Happy to chat more with you about how to accomplish this. Always eager to help.   email me at 

This might help a little - it won’t give you a hierarchy across different columns though.


Setting up the structure of the map so that each parent is higher than its children results in an exported CSV that is in order - so each parent has its children listed underneath it.  My guess  is that the export process reads left to right, top to bottom by line.

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@Kate    What happens if the miro board has lines that connecting multiple items in a tree into a loop -- where grandchildren become parents?   How would you hope this gets represented in a CSV hierarchy? I suppose @Andrew Voznyy has made it clear that he has only a tree structure - with presumably no returning branches.