Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠

  • 19 June 2020
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Dear Miro Community,

:rocket: Here in the online community, you have a chance to help make Miro better by sharing your ideas for product improvements! 

:pencil:  We’ve compiled frequently asked questions and some recommendations on the Community Wish List and how to submit your ideas in the most effective way.


1. What is a Wish List?

Wish List is a category for product ideation, where you can share your ideas on Miro’s functionality with the community and the Miro team, discuss and upvote ideas of other members. 


2. Tips & tricks to write a perfect idea 💯

✨A clear title that accurately summarizes your request.

One idea per post - if you have multiple ideas, submit them separately so that we can be clear about the status.

✨Your idea should be new - before you post an idea, please search to see if it exists. If a similar idea has already been published, upvote it and leave your comment there, instead of creating a duplicate.

✨Explain your idea fully and clearly, add as many details as possible. Make sure to answer the following questions in the description:

  • What is your use case? 
  • What problem are you trying to solve? 
  • Is it a critical feature that blocks you from working in Miro and being productive, or is it a nice to have feature?
  • What is a possible solution for you?

 :arrow_down:  Make sure to check a couple of examples  :arrow_down: 

❌  DON’T

Title: Download button
Description: It would be great to have a possibility to manage access to a “download” image option


✅  DO 

Title: Ability to enable / disable 'download' button


It would be great to have a possibility to manage access to a “download” image option:



Currently, all users (guests - even viewers, occasional team members, full team members) are allowed to download any graphics file we have uploaded to the board.

Many times we and our partners use copyrighted or licensed graphics that cannot be either copied further or shared in its original form to a third party. When we use Miro now, any user with access to the board can download the file. I know that a malicious person can make a screenshot of an image, but there is a huge difference between taking a screenshot of scaled graphics and downloading a full, original image (often with full opacity, when PNG).



It would be great to add board-level option to manage a setting which kind of user can access the “download” button, for example:

Download images?

no access

team members only

team members, occasional members

guests, team members, occasional members

Or a list of checkboxes with each category to pick its own combination.


Example how to put in current layout:


 :pencil: This idea was submitted by @Pawel Owczarek - https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/ability-to-enable-disable-download-button-996


3. Do I need to register to submit/upvote an idea?

You can view ideas without logging in. If you want to post, upvote, or comment on ideas, you should log in using your Miro account


4. How do I post a new idea or upvote?

:anger_right: To post a new idea:

  • Click Create topic in the top right corner (log in if you haven’t done it yet)

  • Select the post type Idea

  • Clearly explain your idea. :bulb: Follow the tips & tricks to write a perfect idea in #2

  • Select the category Wish List

  • Add tags (keywords of your request)

  • Click Create, when you are ready to publish your idea.

:anger_right: To upvote:

  • Open the Wish List (apply filters to see ideas with the most views, votes, replies, or just recently active)

  • You can either click on the blue button with the arrow and the number or open the topic to read it through and click Vote

  • You may vote for as many ideas as you want

  • You may cast only one vote per idea.


5. What statuses are there and what do they mean?

We have two statuses for ideas:

:new:  Idea - the idea has been submitted. Vote and comment to support the idea. 

:tada:  Delivered - you can enjoy a new feature in Miro! 


6. Can I influence that Miro Product team reviews my idea?

If there is an idea that you think other Miro users would benefit from, promote it to your network! Tell your friends, followers, and coworkers about the ideas you care about and generate votes to make these ideas more noticeable to the Miro Product team.


7. I can’t find the idea I submitted some time ago. Have you deleted it?

It’s most likely that you’ve submitted an idea that is similar to the existing one, and we’ve merged them.


:point_right_tone2:Submit your idea now:point_left_tone2: 


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