Miro Online Community Overview

  • 13 April 2021
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:thinking:  Not sure how to use this online community?

:cold_sweat:  Too many categories, and sections, and groups?

:weary:  Lost in the woods?

I hope this guide will come in handy as you navigate through the Miro Online Community :raised_hands_tone2:


Miro Online Community: what can I do here?

This online community is basically a multifunctional forum where you can:

  • ask and answer questions; help and get help
  • tell your story, discuss what matters, share your opinion
  • show your Miro boards and templates and get inspired
  • add your dream Miro features to the community Wish List
  • connect with your fellow Miro Heroes and network
  • learn about product updates and news and content from the Miro team
  • participate in the challenges and win cool prizes
  • be recognized on the leaderboard.



How do I navigate through the homepage?

The community homepage consists of several blocks:

:bulb:  Don’t forget to check the header, as it also contains some useful links, as well as the community overview drop-down.



Categories overview

Let’s dig deeper into the community categories and sections, and what is what.

:wave_tone2:  Welcome!


:handshake_tone2:  Connect

Need to validate an idea with an industry expert? Get help from your peers? Discuss a project with like-minded people? This is the place.


:heart_eyes:  Get Inspired

Tell the community how you use Miro, and get inspired by the community showing their Miro boards and telling their stories.

  • Miro Art & Inspiration - Unusual, fancy Miro use cases, inspiring discussions, creativity, and more!
  • Community Stories - Tell the community your Miro story: describe your use case, share your wins, show what you have developed.
  • How Do You Miro? - Take part in our official challenges - get inspired by other Miro Heroes’ work, share what you create in Miro, and let the competition begin!


:bulb:  Innovate

  • Wish List - What do you wish you could do with Miro? Add your dream features and support other ideas by upvoting them.
  • Changelog Feedback - Leave your feedback on Miro's new features, updates, and enhancements. Find the changelog at miro.com/changelog.


💻 For Developers (this category is for the developers who create custom apps and plugins with the help of Miro Platform, and not a place to report bugs to Miro engineers) 



:revolving_hearts:  Groups

Apart from the categories, we also have groups - separate spaces with a special characteristic (role, interest, or language). Come join us!

  • Online Community Moderators - A private group for the Miro Online Community Moderators.
  • Enterprise Administration & Onboarding Community - Share and discuss best practices for administering Miro for Enterprise - find resources, save time, and engage with others who are rolling out Miro for their organizations.
  • Educator Community - Share and discuss best practices for online classrooms, campus collaboration, administrative work, or school community engagement through Miro.
  • La Communauté Miro en Français - Parlez-vous Français? Vous pouvez ici rencontrer d’autres utilisateurs de Miro, discuter, partager des bonnes pratiques, et vous faire aider — tout cela dans votre langue.
  • Comunidad de Miro en español - ¿Hablas español? Aquí puedes conectar con compañeros de profesión, compartir y discutir las mejores prácticas y recibir ayuda — todo en tu idioma.
  • Miro Community auf Deutsch - Sprichst du Deutsch? Hier kannst du weitere Miro-Nutzer kennenlernen, Erfahrungen austauschen und nach Hilfe Fragen - und das alles auf Deutsch.


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