Introducing the community badges 🏆

  • 15 February 2021
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Hi Miro Heroes :blush: 

You’ve probably already noticed fancy icons under some community members’ avatars. Please welcome our brand new community awards - BADGES:tada::trophy::military_medal: 





We have several types of badges: 

  • Role badges (Moderator, Mironeer, etc.)
  • Miro badges (Miro Expert, Miroverse Creator, etc.)
  • Online community series badges (based on the number of replies, topics, best answers, etc. here in the online community).


You will see your badges on your community profile, and also all last earned badges are displayed in the feed.

:bulb: Hint: the name of the badge in the profile will appear on hover.


Well, can you earn them all? :rocket:


5 replies

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Badge +14

Fun addition @Marina , but hopefully we don’t start to see members who just start badge-hunting :grinning:

I guess that’s what us moderators are here for ‘eh :wink:


Absolutely, @Kiron Bondale!

We’ll keep an eye on this :nerd:  

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Badge +6

Hi @Marina 

Thanks for adding the badge feature to the Miro online community! It was really required! 


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Badge +13

Badges are always a fun addition to a community. Thanks @Marina !

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Badge +3

I’m new here and i think this work as a incentive. 

Thanks @Marina  for adding this feature to the Miro community!