Physical Places in Digital Spaces

  • 4 August 2020
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I had a great time last week co-facilitating Physical Places in Digital Spaces for the virtual NORAM V-MUG with @Isman Tanuri, and I wanted to share a few resources with the hope others find it useful/thought provoking. 


I’ve got a detailed write up of of the idea here (including a demo board and the session recording):


Bacially, my section was looking at how we shape spaces/interactions using Miro to adjust what kind of conversations are possible in a workshop, and to help to that more systematically I put together a Miro Taxonomy as below that looks at how we move, how we share, how we gather, and how we interact. It’s by no means perfect, but hopefully is a useful fire starter for ideas on the topic. Definitely click through to the board itself so all the fun embeds work :) Happy to hear feedback/questions below! 


Stay healthy & stay awesome!

1 reply

Thanks for sharing, Joshua :hugging: