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Publishing new Miroverse templates is only the beginning—the exciting part is watching your ideas taking off!

So wether you’re simply browsing for inspiration or gaining a bigger reach for your ideas, we hope this update helps you to understand how people engage with templates and get a lot more out of Miroverse — as a viewer and a creator.

  • See how your template is performing with 👀 views and ➕ copies.

  • Show others that you love what they made with ❤️ likes.

  • Explore Miro community favorites with the new Popular category.


:books: Visit the Help Center article to learn more and as always, we’d love to hear from you in the thread below 👇



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@Kristin :

It’s so great and impressive how the miroverse have grown and still grows from day to day and all the inspiring work everyone does from this community … 

Thank you @Kristin & @Mariam Danielian and to all Mironeers in the Miroverse-Team and in the management and on every place that’s been involved by the decision to bring Miroverse to live!

I am sure no one had ever thought of how this will grow…

Thank you everyone!


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❤️ Thank you @mlanders for the kind words! I’ll pass your feedback onto the product team involved.