Now you can import Asana tasks to board as Cards!

  • 16 January 2020
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Asana Cards are available for Team, Business, Enterprise, Consultant plans only

Import Asana tasks to Miro and invite your team to discuss, prioritize, and sync on the tasks visually in real time, seeing everyone equally engaged. Install now

5 replies


not sure if this is the right place for this but anyway … I really love that feature of using Asana cards in Miro. It helps to organize and distribute work on another level which is great. But right now this feature is not really usable for me and my organization. 

The reason is simply the available filter option while adding cards from asana. We have a lot (really a lot) of projects and tags in asana. Searching through them using the provided filters makes it impossible to find the tasks i’m looking for and sometimes takes me several minutes.

Something like a plain text search field or at least an alphabetical order of projects and/or tags would be nice. Maybe you are already thinking about improving the asana integration?!




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Great feedback @Marcel! Very insightful :point_up_tone1:

My colleagues will get back to you soon to ask for more details :wink:

Hi @Marina 
I am trying to use the Asana integration with Miro as it would be really valuable for our team. I have installed the app, but once I’m in the board and click the Asana option in the menu I can’t add any content. The window that open is blank and doesn’t allow me to move forward [see pic attached]. 

I’ve checked all the available resources provided by Miro but couldn’t figure out what’s wrong (

Ill really appreciate if you can help me  with this issue, 



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Hi @Gabriela Masfarré Pintó,

This is a real support case, so could you please reach out to the Support Team at  

Hi @Marina ,

Can the Asana cards integration with Miro be used onto a Miro Brainstorm framework, to produce the individual idea color post-its, or is it just limited to “separate widgets or to adding them to Kanban and User Story Map frameworks by dragging” ?