Meet Stickies Capture!

  • 26 February 2020
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Hi everyone!

It’s Natalie, Product Marketing Manager of Stickies Capture - a magical feature that helps instantly digitize and edit the results of your offline workshops, retros and brainstorms. 

With one quick photo, instantly convert dozens of handwritten sticky notes into digital ones in the Miro app.

Stickies Capture + Miro collaborative whiteboard =>
📲Digitize and edit handwritten sticky notes (all devices);
🏃‍♂️Invite your team to keep collaboration going (all devices);
🗃Move from idea to implementation by adding more files, diagrams and comments next to your stickies (all devices);
💫Convert stickies into Jira tasks or spreadsheets (desktop);
🙋🏻‍♀️Timebox activities and vote on sticky notes (desktop);
🎤Turn brainstorm into a presentation (desktop).

It's FREE and works on iOS, or Android apps, and in desktop browser! Try it now, and don't worry if you don't have a picture with stickies in your clipboard - there's a demo photo that you can test right away.

3 replies

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Nice @Natalie Nedre .

I’m intrigued by this feature. super cool.

I work with lots of technophobes who I could see might have stickies at home, and they’d like to photograph them on their phone and contribute to a session. Guessing that would work here?

Thanks, Mike

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Hi @Mike Sutliff,
Thanks for your interest!
That’s absolutely right - invite them to a board and ask to upload their photos through the Stickies Capture tool. You’ll see their stickies appearing on a digital whiteboard.
(Just as a desperate backup if they’re extreme technophobes and there are not 100 people, ask them to send images to you, and upload yourself)

Hope, that helps. If not feel free to share your case in more detail with me - I’d be happy to translate it to the research team.

I love this, and was wondering if there’s a feature to take hand-written lists and convert each item into a sticky?  And also just load as a digital list widget