Сlick on a box to "drill down" and go to a frame somewhere else on the same board or different board

  • 20 August 2021
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Essentially designing a complex software system.

It will have multiple programs that relate to each other. Each program will have details.

So thinking I’d draw a diagram with the multiple programs, but then I’d like to click on one of those program squares (or cards, or what have you) and have miro zoom to a frame (I guess) that contains all my thoughts on that particular app.

Sorry for the noob question, hopefully there is an easy way to do this.



6 replies

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@Peter Galvin  
Perfect use case for the internal links in Miro.

I’ve done that exact thing in a system diagram with a link to jump out/over to the area with more thoughts. 

Here’s more on how to do internal and external links in Miro.



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Will try it, thanks much!

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Hmm, I don’t spot a way to make “click on this box” follow the link to the internal frame?

Seems I need to find the link in the box and click on it?


I also tried doing “copy link” of the frame and pasting it to the board, but it just creates a box with a miro.com sign up message...

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@Peter Galvin - It’s hard to follow what you are doing without screenshots, or better yet a video - Loom is quick and easy (and free!).

Here is an example of creating a link to a frame, from a sticky note:

And from text:


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Ah perfect. Was hoping the whole box would be clickable to go to the link, but this should work. Thanks.

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@Peter Galvin - You're welcome. Myself and at least 54 others would also like for the whole object to be a clickable link - please join us by adding your vote to this Wish List Idea: