General question about copyright cases and rights of usage (Miroverse) - Please miro an official statement to this - And a statement from a Lawyer if possible

  • 12 August 2021
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as a former web-designer and someone who did PowerPoint-Trainings and now miro-trainings i have general questions about the usage and the content of Miroverse Templates.
As I know there are restrictions when it comes to usage of graphical material - There are graphics that can be used:
For instance Roalty free graphics / Stock-Graphics / Creative commons Work.

As I know:

All characters of movies / films / music / graphical elements are under copyright.

You are not allowed to use them in templates or business usage - 

As I know you can only use them privately but never use them in a public place like here in the community or Miroverse.

To make this clear I would like to have a clear and official statement of two persons:

  • Somenone from Miro who official makes a statement and tell us:

It is allowed to use graphical characters of movies like Star Wars or the Marvel Universe and making content out of this.

  • And a lawyer who also gives an official statement to this.

I thought it is clear and I am wondering that it seems we can use everything we like as graphic materials althought it is not so.

So please miro and please a lawyer would you bring light into a copyright jungle and tell us if we are allowed to use this: (Licenserights/Copyrights of Disney) (Licenserights/Copyrights of Disney) (Pictures of Star-Wars-Spaceships) (Licenserights/Copyrights of Disney)


And this one: (Licenserights/Copyrights of Marvel)


and if it is allowed to use this template: (Licenserights/Copyrights of Sony)

It is no matter how we like/love this templates - the question is:

Are we allowed to place them into the Miroverse and use them official in our companies in public presentations?
So please someone of the Mironeers could you can give an official statement and also a statement of a lawyer who is familiar with copyright usage is needed.


3 replies

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I'm happy to be told otherwise, but all of the visuals in my boards are hand drawn by myself. I don't see no difference to the tattoos I also have from some of the above mentioned fandoms or other 'fan-art' posted on Reddit, Deviantart and the like etc. I think if it's for profit that's something else, but can understand the concerns etc.

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@Steven Sampson-Jones:

I really appreciate your work and have total respect in everything you do and wish I had your graphic-skills.

For me it is important to get an offical statement from Miro or / and a lawyer to have a clear vote and we do not can get in trouble.

For instance:

  • Much of the work above is not handdrawn and using existing graphic elements from the web - is there a difference in using this to using handdrawn material.
  • If I use handdrawn material - do I have to have an usage-right-agreement by the designer of this hand-drawing (for instance we have to have an agreement from you Steven - is this enough) or can we get in troulbe with Marvel?



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Hi @mlanders, thank you for bringing up this topic. 

We are currently talking to our legal team about this and will get back to you in this thread with more answers.