End of Year Retrospective - Large Scale?

  • 28 October 2021
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Anyone build out any end of year retrospectives that encapsulate 2021? Only see one or two instances in the Miroverse. Getting ideas from a variety as it’s for a larger audience beyond a single team.

5 replies

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Hey @Kevin Kinisky,

I have a few retros almost ready to upload as templates but it’s nice to know there is a demand, thank you. 
I will drop you the link here when it’s done.



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@Kevin Kinisky -

@Chris Stone has no end of awesome retro boards so I’ve no doubt he has a few with that theme in mind…


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@Kevin Kinisky - Here are a few on Chris Stone’s Miroverse page:


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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with @Reid Thomas. I’m doing a blended approach for this year end retro: Essentially: MIRO + Liberating Structures + Mentimeter. 

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Decided to frankenstein an end of year retrospective together.