"Architecture Masters' Students Work Virtual Exhibition on Miro"

  • 26 February 2021
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It has been a different year, one that pushed us to reinvent ourselves and the way we work. I am pleased to invite you to visit the MARK-19 exhibition on Miro, which I willingly initiated. Together with three other classmates, we carried out the first online exhibition of Lund School of Architecture!. 

Link to Miro *: 


In March 2020, about 11 months ago, we could no longer be freely physically together in our studios in A-building at Lund University.

When I asked my friends studying in different universities how they handled this change in the study procedure, I became familiar with the Miro platform as a whiteboard for teamwork and collaboration.  Simultaneously, when I thought about not having an exhibition during my master’s studies, I felt the mission was incomplete. And most of all, the desire to be in our big group again, the Lund architectural family, which is valuable to me although short in presence. All of which went hand in hand with an idea to initiate this way. To use Miro as our digital medium. As the initiation came from ourselves as students, I used the free plan to make it. But I am sure that other plans give many more features to visitors.

In the first stages, I have seen an example that @Nina Torr wrote about in another post (https://community.miro.com/community-stories-60/online-exhibition-and-walkabout-on-miro-1804), and I found it very inspiring. For curating this exhibition, I tried to use the presentation mode feature and set the frames accordingly to give a narration to the show. 

I found the embedding feature marvelous by linking different media, like pdf, mp4, and Url, from Google Drive, Spotify, and Different webpages! It was an exciting way to explore Miro!
The only thing I wished to is to view the pdf format with higher quality without going to its source. 


2 replies

So cool, @Parto Jahangiri :heart_eyes:

Thank you for sharing! 


@Parto Jahangiri your work is so inspiring! I studied ancient urbanism in school and I continue to be in awe of the ways that architecture and urban design can bring us together. Thank you for sharing your board with us!