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When can I get certified as a Miro Specialist or Miro Admin or Miro Project Manager?

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@Miquiel Banks -

I don’t believe Miro has a certification program at present so your next best bet till they launch one is to actively participate and contribute within this community.


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Hey @Miquiel Banks ! 


I head up Miro Academy which is where this would be created. Could you share your goals, expectations, and the potential impact this resource would have on you/your business? 


Any additional context will help us prioritize an initiative such as this! 


Kind regards, 


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@Matt Mulholland -

I’m sure @Miquiel Banks has some ideas of his own, but for me, it would be great to have some type of certification to provide an “official” recognition of someone’s ability to support a team or organization in achieving their collaborative goals through designing effective, engaging boards.

Perhaps “Miro design consultant” or something similar?


I’d love to be able to earn a badge/certificate for “Certified Educator.” A lot of sites are offering these so teachers can get certified on the site and show that they are able to effectively use it in a classroom environment.

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Hey @jefreeland

When you imagine this at Miro:

  • What type of investment would you expect in hours?
  • Would you expect the assessment to proctored (virtually or otherwise)?
  • What is the best example of a Certified Educator that you have personally seen?

Kind regards, 

Matt, Customer Education @ Miro 

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Can I just have a “I make awesome Miro boards” badge? That would be enough for me ;-)

Happy to provide “evidence”. 

@andyvdg, sounds great! :smile:

You are welcome to share your story in the Community Stories category. I’m eager to see your awesome boards!

As fo the badge, more interesting things are coming in the near future :blush:  


@Matt Mulholland @Kiron Bondale 

Like @Kiron Bondale I’m very interested in acquiring Miro Certification or Miro Design Consultant /Facilitator  or Miro educator designation and have made inquiries around this with Miro members since August. I notice from the Community Board a conversation around this potential offering has been going on for at least 5 months. As a consultant with SMB and some Enterprise size clients, meetings and workshops don’t often exceed 16 so I don’t require and Enterprise subscription but would like the one-on-one expertise, training and support that subscription affords. Consultants would make excellent channel partners, significantly accelerating the introduction and on-boarding of Miro to potential purchasers. 

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@Matt Mulholland @Marina 

I agree with what has been said so far. 

For me having a “Miro Certification” personally would enable me to convince potential clients that I am not only saying that I am very skilled, capable, and experienced in, for example, planning and conducting an interactive workshop with them.

From a Miro perspective, I agree with @Colleen Cronin. As I am more than happy to not only facilitate workshops in my field of Agile Coaching but also happy to share my success stories with my network and clients who in turn become potential users through my experience. 


Hi @Matt Mulholland, I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to chime in here too! I’d love to have a community similar to Asana Together’s Ambassador and Certified Pro. After a training course, participants earn a certificate and badge that can be used on social media and can apply to host officially branded events. It provides an added layer of legitimacy when trying to share the program with others. 

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Hello everyone! 


Hope everyone is doing well and thank you for your continued interest in this thread. This isn’t something that we’re currently focused on but we continue to gather insights into when we will make an investment here. This includes expanding our academy team and hiring a lead for that program! 


In the meantime, I recommend all of you apply for the Miro Experts program and submit templates to the Miroverse. These are the best avenues to get involved in our community (beyond participating here, of course). 


Kind regards, 

Matt and CEd team