Vote plugin for connectors?

  • 18 February 2021
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Hi all, 

I am planning a voting session on a conceptual model on Miro. I want participants to be able to vote not on shapes, but rather on the connectors between them (e.g.”is the connection valid/justified?”). However, the vote plugin does not allow that. Any other apps or ideas on how to do this?


2 replies

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Dear Alex, 

many thanks for your reply. Yes, the idea is to validate or reject the connectors (with some middle ground in case of conflicting opinions from the respondents). In case of conceptual models, the connections are as important as the elements themselves, hence the need of evaluating them.

Thanks for tips on alternative solutions, perhaps the dots could be a good approximation of what I need. I definitely think Miro should have this option, though, I can see many applications.


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Hi, Davide! I’m Alex, Product Manager at Miro. I want to clarify your case a bit and share my team’s experience with similar cases. 


Do I understand correctly that you will have 4 types of results on connectors: validated, rejected, mixed, none? Do you expect any comments in cases of rejected or mixed? 


Miro Voting App has no such functionality: neither voting for connectors nor 2 types of votes. We’ll continue to research this direction, but no estimates yet. 


2 ways might work for such voting: Dot Voting Template or Color-coded Comments. These are the most flexible ways to do that from my team’s experience. Comments could even be attached to related shapes! Is this something useful in your scenario?