Using stylus to write instead moves board around

  • 26 November 2020
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Very new to Miro.

The only feature I am expecting to need to use is writing on the board using a stylus and the pen mode, however when I try this, sometimes it writes and other times it moves the board around. This has happened on multiple different devices, although the stylus isn’t great so that may be relevant.

Does anyone know a way to stop the board from moving around when trying to write?

Thanks for your time.


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8 replies

Hi @Ryan Smith,

There was a tiny bug with using a stylus on androids.

Now you should only be able to draw/write with the stylus (or fingers, as there’s no palm rejection on androids yet) if you choose the Pen tool in the toolbar. It won’t move the board instead anymore.

Hi Marina,

It does work now - thanks.



I am new to Miro and am having the same issue as Ryan. Is it possible that I have a version of Miro that does not have this bug fix? If so, how do I check and access a more recent version?

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I have the same problem on Windows 10. Sometimes my stylus writes and sometimes it moves the board around regardless of what navigation mode I’m in, unfortunately rendering it useless as a tool 

I'm having the same problem with Windows 10 as Anthony k

problem continues with windows 10 , for several people I know.

It kills the experience and I hope will be fixed soon….



I am using touch windows 10 laptop.

While I try using pen/stylus to draw or write, it sometimes does while sometimes it just moves the board around.


Does pen tool work for Windows10 laptops? or are those only for Tablets/ipad?

It would be great if we can allow stylus for laptops , as most of us would want to do white boarding with remote team, the whole purpose on using Miro.




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@Sapna Raikar -

Can you confirm that you are using the Pen tool ( with the Windows 10 stylus and it is still causing you to move around the board?

If so, I’d recommend opening a Miro support request here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center