User Story Map: How to add stakeholders/personas?

  • 2 November 2020
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I’m test-driving Miro to keep my project team aligned on the scope and release planning. The user story mapping looks great for that purpose.

However I’d like to add stakeholders/personas to the map. Some of these activities are requested by all stakeholder groups, some are exclusive to singular stakeholders. I remember that in Storiesonboard you had personas as icons above the activities.

Is there anything similar in Miro or would I have to draw something up?




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2 replies

Cheers! that reference is gonna work fine.


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@Michael Pahn, you’d likely want to use the “User Story Map” template for this purpose - the write-up here ( provides details on how to go about referencing personas within it, and you’d have a separate area of your board where you could create your own persona frames with the details of each persona or you could use the Miro “Customer Persona” template.