Uploading pre-tagged spreadsheet data

  • 30 June 2020
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Is there any way to import ‘pre-tagged’ spreadsheet data into Miro? eg we’ve captured it in another application but would prefer to sort/synth within Miro. It would be great if there was a file format/structure that would allow us to upload it with all the tagging data applied!





4 replies

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@Matt Willcox   

I understand the desire for this. Have had similar hopes/dreams (see below). 

This is not currently a feature, but it can become one with a couple hours of dev work using the API - a simple plugin could get the trick done. If this is something you’d hope to use many times might be worth the build. I’m happy to support/advise. 


A very similar use case for your reference:

We built a Miro plugin to visualize tag networks of tagged articles from Pocket. See image below. The data comes in from google sheets, articles become cards (complete with linkable URL), the tags get visualized as cards as well. Any article-to-tag relationship is visualized by a line connecting that article card to the respective tag card.  



We also built this Miro tag network visualizer -- Tag Connector.

Learn more about it at www.refractivestrategy.com 


A few questions for you:

  • How many (range) of tags are you hoping to work with ?
  • How many items are you hoping to sort?   
  • How do you hope to ‘sort’ ? 
  • What miro object are hoping to create per tagged item: sticky? or card? 
  • What app are you bringing data in from? 
  • Would it be possible to get your data into Google Sheets?
  • Would it be possible to put your data into a form that looks like the sheet image above?  



Big upvote on this one. My research team would love the ability to import (or copy/paste) sticky notes and tags from a spreadsheet. It would make our affinity mapping so much more productive. 

@Max Harper I would love to hear more about your solution for auto-tagging from a spreadsheet into Miro! I briefly tried Zapier but was unable to get anything like that to work.

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all solutions would start with a CSV or with a Google Sheet. The data would be accessed through a plugin using the Miro SDK. 

In this image of a google spreadsheet, column F is a comma delimited tag list per row. Each row can create a sticky with text of column B and tags of column F.