Unauthorised day passes

  • 15 April 2021
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We have a consultant plan and every now and again I get an email from Miro that someone has activated a day pass. This has happened for people who are not users that I have set up, i.e. they are not active users that I set up as a day pass user. 

Does anyone else have any issues with this? It feels wrong that I can get charged for a new user that I didn’t invite.


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@Philip - It is my understanding that as long as Day Passes are enabled for your Consultant Plan at the Company → Billing level, any of your team members can invite a non-team member, i.e., any Miro user outside of your Consultant Plan, to a board (maybe even to a team).

If you want to stop Day Passes from being consumed, I believe that you will have to go into your plan settings panel and then:

  1. Select Company:


  2. And then Billing → disabled Day Passes:


Once this is done, Day Passes should not be consumed.

As far as being able to still have Day Passes enabled, but controlling who can send them out or who can actually consume them, I am not sure of the answer here.

I would suggest having a ready of the following help center article: