Transitionning from Lucidchart to Miro (Google Sheet Integration)

  • 14 January 2021
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I have been using Lucidchart for a long time, my company is using now Miro. I'm trying to reproduce what I had in Lucidchart but so far I haven't been able to. I was wondering if it is because it is just not possible to do it. 


  1. In google sheet I have a huge DB that generate several Pivot Table
  2. I have different Google Sheet Tabs in a document with Pivot Table
  3. I would like to import in Miro the Pivot Tables 
  4. I would like to customize the look of the Pivot Table
  5. At the moment I'm only able to display a kind of snap shot of the Pivot Table in Miro with a Google Sheet Look. I can't customize within Miro what parts of the Pivot table I want to display nor customize its look. 
  6. It kinda look like I just plugged a snapshot of Google Sheet in my Miro board which doesn't look good. 

I'm very interested in having things working in Miro as it seems Miro is better at handling huge amounts of entities and items in a single board than Lucidchart. However, I need a way to integrate on a single board dozens of Pivot tables imported from GoogleSheet. Is this even possible?

Thank you for your help



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Hi @Robyn,

At the moment you can only add a whole spreadsheet to the Miro board (and work in it right on the board). But it is impossible to add parts of the document.

Please see more information about the integration in the article Google Drive