Team member - adding project on a separate board

  • 3 March 2022
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I’ve added as full member a collaborator to my board-project. I sent him an invitation to join the board which is what he did. 

Now, he’d like to use miro for separate projects. When he signs in, he only has access to our shared board project and can’t create other projects independently. 

So what shall he do in order to create other projects under his own profile page? 


4 replies

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Hi @LD22!

Am I correct in thinking that by using the term “board-project” you’re referring to a team? Teams can be accessed by clicking their icons on the left-hand side panel on your dashboard: 


If my understanding is correct, then your collaborator can’t create their own team because when they were first registering in Miro they chose to join your team instead of creating their own. The thing is creating a new free team in UI is only possible when you register a profile.

Can you please ask your collaborator to contact the Support team personally? They’ll make sure to help them! 🙂

Hi Polina, 

yes, I refer to a team. I created a project on my profile for various members to be added to the team. 

In order for my collaborator to create his own projects and teams, shall I take him out from my project? He registers to miro, and then I add him again to my board. 

Or yeah, I’ll tell him to contact the support team directly.

Thank you.


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If your collaborator is only a member of your team (which is sounds like they are) you could deal with this on your own rather quickly if you do the following:

  1. You delete him from your team (Team profile settings → Users → three-dots/ellipsis menu → Delete from team
  2. at this point Miro will detect that their user profile is not associated with any team and prompt them to create their own Free Plan team.
  3. You can then add them back to your team.

Thank you, Robert. 

Best, L.