Send Miro Comments to slack channel. Is it possible?

  • 1 December 2020
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Hello :)

I’m trying to get Miro comments to appear in a dedicated Miro Slack channel I’ve set up.

We have similar channels like this for Figma, jira etc.

All I can do is open the Miro slack app and see the feed there. However I want my entire team to be able to see the incoming comments.

I can’t find any articles or posts  about this. I’ve also  looked for webhooks on  dev portal and can’t find anything

Can it be done?


Thanks in advance !

3 replies

Hi @Sasha Benjamin,

No, we don’t have this functionality at the moment. But it’s a cool idea! Feel free to add this idea to the Wish List following the guidelines here - Wish List: Everything You Need to Know.

Hi @Sasha Benjamin ,

Once you raise the suggestion, share here so that others could vote for it too =)

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@Sasha Benjamin - Let me know if you would just like for me to move this post to the Wish List category - I will also change the title to: Send Miro Comments to slack channel