Restrict visitor from moving around board during meeting

  • 26 November 2022
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How to stop guest from move through different frames in the board during the meeting and only follow my presentation flow 

4 replies

Hi @Hussin Mahmoud 
I’d be happy to help here!

If you’d like to bring everyone’s attention to a part of the board (e.g a frame) you can use the Bring everyone to me tool. This will bring all of the participants to the particular area of the board, then the auto-following will be enabled, which means that all of the collaborators will be seeing exactly the same content as you until they move their cursors/zoom/click the board.

You can also use the share screen tool as part of the Video chat feature. By clicking the share screen button during a Video chat, all your collaborators can follow your actions and they will be seeing exactly what you see.


I hope it helps!

Thanks , the above suggestion solution works in sharing screen mode .


while in my case , I’m planning a workshop , which includes multiple activities on different frames .

I don’t want the team/visitor to move to other frames while we still in activity 1 , also I don’t want them to go through through all frames till I move to this stage .

In other words , I want to restrict them to work on selected frame before I move to the next frame .

the option to hide all other frames then view one by one , is not a practical solution 

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@Hussin Mahmoud - the current Attention Management feature of "Bring everyone to me" only works for as long as the participant can stop from clicking on the board (or pressing the ESC key), so I am with you that there needs to be a forced screen share feature - that's why I created this Wish List post that I suggest you upvote:

In the very early days of Smart meetings beta, there was a feature to restrict users to the frame being presented - I hope they bring this feature back. I did notice that they implemented the feature into Breakout Frames, so perhaps you could incorporate this into your workflow.