[RESOLVED] Font Resets in Tables When Loading Board

I have 3 boards with a number of formatted tables designed to move shapes in and out of them to designate production processes. My problem right now is that the font in some of the cells resets every time I close and load the board again. Has anyone experienced this and found a fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is what it looks like normally.


This is what happens when I close Chrome and open it again.

If it is relevant, the issue fixes itself when I double click on any cell in the table, set the font size, or otherwise interact with the table.



Jason D

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@Jason Donaher -

I’d suggest opening a Miro support request for this. Ideally, if you could record a Loom (or similar) video showing the behavior with the font changing and then changing back, that might help with the diagnosis.

You can open the support request here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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Hey @Jason Donaher,

Alyona from Miro Support is here for a moment 👋

Unfortunately, the behavior you described is caused by a bug on our end. The good news is that the team is already looking into it. I'll be sure to let you know once there are any updates. Please bear with us!

Hello @Alyona,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate that this got the attention it needed so quickly. Looking forward to future updates.

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Hey @Jason Donaher,

Thanks for your patience! Our team just released a fix for the issue you were experiencing. To make sure you're on the latest application's version, please log out and sign back in. If you notice the fonts are still resetting in some tables - please let us know! 

Hello - I am experiencing the same issue at this point in time. Anything I can do to resolve this?

Hello! I am experiencing the same issue and it’s causing a lot of headache. Has this been fixed yet?

Hi! I am having this issue on all my boards as well. Super frustrating. I’ve restarted Miro and my laptop several times since yesterday morning when the issue showed up. 


https://community.miro.com/members/alyona-3543 - can you tell us if this is yet again an issue within Miro?