[RESOLVED] Bold Text Not Working (Not displaying as *bold*) on Desktop Version

Hello.  I use bold text a lot in my Miro boards and have noticed recently that the feature is not working for desktop.  Here is a chunk of text that *is* bold in the browser version but is not bold on desktop: 





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@Caitlin Everett - I am running the latest 64-bit desktop app on Windows 11 and bolding text is working for me:



What happens if you reset the app data?

Hey @Robert Johnson - thank you for looking into this.  I can verify that I am also running the latest 64-bit version on win 11 (because I uninstalled an reinstalled).  As it turns out, uninstalling the program and manually deleting the data from the roam folder does fix the problem!  Excellent!!

Though now I am missing a Miro icon for my app and also have discovered something maybe odd happening on my end?  Feeling sheepish (like there may be a keystroke shortcut that helps) but I also do not have a file menu on my installation:  


In any case, thank you- this was very helpful.  

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@Caitlin Everett - Glad to hear you got it sorted out.

Re the File menu - it is hidden by default in the Windows version and can be displayed from the “Boards” tab by pressing the ALT key.

Thank you!