Removing an Admin that no longer is with our team - email address inaccessible

  • 14 February 2023
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Hi all, 

Im new to the Miro community.  

I have created my free account under my business name BUT, I have discovered that my old operations manager had created an account under our business and her now inaccessible email address.  She is also the ADMIN. 

How can she be removed? 

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@Jenny Pither - Welcome to the Miro Community!

In a Free Plan team, anyone with the Team Admin role can remove both a regular team Member and a Team Admin from a team.

However, if you are saying there is only one person with the Team Admin role, if you are unable to gain access to that account to promote another Member to Team Admin, then you can always create a new Free Plan team, add the existing users to that new team (and make more than one person an admin!), and then move the boards from the other team to the new team. Full steps in this post under “Creating a new Team Admin (via a new Free Plan team)”: