Presentation Mode changed?

  • 25 January 2023
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Has the presentation mode changed?

I used to love clicking the presentation icon followed by the play button on the bottom and I would have my presentation for each frame viewed against a black background.

It looks as though there has been an update to the presentation mode and although I can present each frame, it does so with the standard white background with the grid. Has the fullscreen (black background) option been removed?

2 replies

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@Clayton - Yes, Miro is starting to rollout the new Interactive Presentation Mode feature:

Here is a Miroverse template were they talk all about it (you can copy the template to your account and follow along while in the new presentation mode - it’s quite an engaging way to show off the new feature!):

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@Clayton - I don’t see the usual “Leave feedback” action icon anywhere in this new feature. For feedback, I suggest using the Support forum to submit your feedback.