Pen tool switches to smart drawing while writing

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Am I the only one with the following problem? If I use the usual “pen tool”, it often switches to “smart drawing” while I’m writing.

This happens for about 4 weeks on my iPad.


Looks similiar to this problem:

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I am having the same problem:

Using the Miro App on my iPad with an Apple Pencil.

While using the pen tool for drawing or writing it frequently switches to the Smart drawing tool. Very annoying. I end up with unwanted marks in a different pen width that I have to delete, plus I need to manually switch back to the pen tool to continue - it’s really breaking the flow of working.

For me the problem started yesterday, but I did not use the app for quite a while.

I wonder: Is there maybe a shortcut or gesture that accidentally triggers the switch of the tool?

Yes, I have the same problem, that miro keeps switching automatically to “smart” drawing, when I use my pen. I never ever want to use the “smart” drawing “feature” and it really breaks my workflow.

Same here. Still experiencing this issue while using an ipad and an apple pencil. I wish theyd find a way to fix this issue!