PDF Export Shows "Kanban" beneath text in the board

Hi everyone, I’m on a paid plan, and I’ve exported a frame to PDF. However, the PDF file shows the word “kanban” on the board where it did not show up on my Miro board. (see poor quality screenshot below...) Any ideas of why this is happening or how to fix it? 

Thanks for your help


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@Randy S. -

I just tested the low and high quality PDF export of a test board which has a few Kanban objects in it and didn’t see the Kanban word show up. Are you able to move the brown “Sales Ta” object out of the way and confirm that there is no text underneath it? If you do a search on the board for the word “Kanban”, are there any matches?

It might help if you posted a screenshot of that portion of the board itself, and also, you might want to test the export using a different PDF resolution (e.g. low or high quality) than the one you’d originally tried to see if it still shows up.


Hi @Kiron Bondale Thanks for the reply. I did try to see if I could select that Kanban text in case it was hidding as an object on the board, but no luck. I’l try to export with a different resolution. 

Ok, I tested it and that Kanban word is not showing up on the Small File Size export. Weird. 

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@Randy S. - This could be a glitch when due to scaling at certain zoom levels. You could always report it to the support team if it continues to interrupt your workflow. For now, it’s probably best to just delete the Kanban text altogether.