Non-Team Users in Consultant plan

  • 1 November 2020
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When I signed up for the Consultant plan i was surprised and disappointed to find i can’t share a board with non-team members to edit, something which i can do in Mind-Mapping software like Coggle.

I want to use MIRO to work with Client teams on projects, running collaborative workshops, but i dont want to make them all members of my Team. 

I also need more than just 1 day passes.

Does anyone have any solutions?


Best answer by Robert Johnson 1 November 2020, 22:18

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@J28Jones - There is the option of inviting your clients to a board as a Guest Editor and also adding a password to the board - this is a free feature for all paid (and Education) plans.

More on this in the following Help Center articles:

Note: There would be a few things that your guests could not do while on the board:

Also, Day Passes are unlimited - more here: Day Passes for Business and Consultant Plans

I also heard a rumor that Miro may soon be introducing new roles to replace Day Passes - that is all I know, really. If I were to guess, I would say the change will be a better/more cost effective solution for paid users who need to invite occasional editors to boards/teams/etc. We’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks Robert that’s really useful! I thought i must be mssing something. MIRO now back on top :-)