No Text on stickies (miro App, iPad)

  • 14 September 2022
  • 3 replies

Since months I have a problem with the stickies on my iPad using the miro app. I cannot see any text on the stickies as you can see it on the screenshots. The overview shows that there is a text but when I zoom in every text is hiding. I have really no idea what to do.


3 replies

Hi again,


I found out, that other user have the same problem. In the reviews in the AppStore somebody mentioned, that the text is hidden or invisible. When I tip on the stickies, I can see everything. It seems to be an iOS problem. With this bug the whole App is absolut useless for me. 

Hi Apollonia,


thank you four your answer. I checked the basic steps but nothing happened. The problem just exists by using the app in iOS. When I use my account on in the browser everything is fine.  


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Hi @BenjaminK

Can you please try the basic troubleshooting steps suggested in our HC article? Let me know if they help or not. We’ll create a support ticket for you and investigate the issue further if the issue persists.