Mysterious blue icon?

  • 1 June 2020
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Hi all, 
I have just logged into Miro today and noticed a new blue icon with three lines going down the middle. 
Does anyone know what this is? or what it does? 
Just curious! 



Best answer by Isman Tanuri 1 June 2020, 04:20

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5 replies

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Hi there,

Just wanted to update this topic as the icon is now grey :wink:

Mysterious grey icon


Fantastic! The click and drag is what I needed to understand! Thanks!

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The icon is used to organise your "disorganised" elements into grids, especially when you've done a group selection of elements. Try putting elements/stickies onto your board, selecting them all and move the blue icon and see what happens.

@Isman Tanuri No luck unfortunately! Tried click multiple ways and nothing seems to happen 


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Have you tried clicking on it, @Bsabolek? I just did, it's a pretty nifty, grid tool!