Mind maps icons, tags, labels and filter options.

  • 14 September 2023
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Hi ! New here :)

I feel an option to add icons of various colors & shapes (not just emojis) , as well as a possibility to add custom tags or labels (similar to what you have with the sticky notes currently) would be a great addition to help organizing a mind map. (see example below)

Adding a filter option to only show parts with specifics icons or labels would be great. 

The ability to quickly export the content of a mind map to another Miro document or in another format would also help.  

My team and I love using Miro because of the collaborative feature but the lack of those options for mind maps kind of forces us to use something else to take notes and organize our notes & ideas… 

1 reply

Like the real newbie that I am in this community I posted this idea in the wrong section :P 

Go here if you feel like you want to upvote this idea : https://community.miro.com/ideas/mind-maps-icons-tags-labels-and-filter-options-14470