JIRA Cards - Project Level access

  • 13 January 2021
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Hello Fellow Miro fans, 


I have been recently experimenting using JIRA Cards in our projects in Miro. We have a JIRA Instance with multiple projects and Miro with multiple Teams. 

My desired outcome is to connect different Miro Teams to different projects in JIRA. I can only allow each Team to see their own project. 

Following the excellent documentation provided by Miro I created the application link on my JIRA server. Subsequently I created 2 web hooks for 2 different Miro Teams. 

I configured them adding JQL filter restricting the cards to projects specific for each team only. Nevertheless I could still see all JIRA issues in both Miro Teams. 

I also repeated my test using additional variables in URL (as specified on the Atlassian web hooks setting page), but still was able to see all JIRA issues in each team. 

It looks like MIRO is currently ignoring both the JQL filter and additional variables. So here are a few questions: 

  1. Am I doing something incorrectly?
  2. Is the behaviour I described expected and related to limited functionality or is it an issue that is being actively worked on?
  3. Is there another way to achieve what I need? I have to be able to restrict the view between projects so the JQL query after the issues are displayed in Miro is not an option.

I would really appreciate a chat on this topic. 

Many thanks,


1 reply

so having read a bit more of the documentation provided, I think i got a bit confused about how the web hooks work. the filters wouldn’t necessarily resolve my problem.


With that in mind, most relevant question is probably - is there a plan to improve integration between JIRA and Miro so the authentication can be achieved on the project level without a need to have multiple users. My role requires access to multiple projects and I am also the Team Admin for Miro, so naturally it will be myself creating  the integrations.