Jira Cards broken on Jira Server 9.0+

  • 4 August 2022
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We are running on-premise JIRA servers in version 9.0.0 an 9.1.0 and after the update from version 8.x the JIRA Cards Plugin stopped working.


I tracked the issue to the deprecation of a REST API point by following the trail of errors in the Browser Console on our Miro boards.

The endpoint on JIRA Server side in question is:


The error message, which comes from the JIRA Server itself, is piped through the Miro JIRA Cards API point to the browser, so I could track it down. The error is:

{"errorMessages":["Issue Does Not Exist"],"errors":{}}

The error message is misleading.

The JIRA endpoint is deprecated as announced: here

The link also provides alternative API endpoints to mitigate the deprecation, which requires code changes in the Miro JIRA Cards plugin on Miro’s side.


Any fixes planed for this?

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