Issue with video chat dropping people?

  • 2 October 2020
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We put on our first Miro workshop yesterday and had 13 total participants, all using video chat. During our 2hr workshop, we had two video chat related issues. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

  • One participant lost his video chat ability, but was able to continue seeing and interacting with the board but could no longer see/hear anyone in the chat. It sounds like he was unable to just rejoin the video chat by leaving/re-entering the board and had to restart the computer in order to fix.
  • I experienced a drop of the video chat myself, I stayed in the board and could interact but the video chat just dropped me. I was able to leave/re-enter the board and the “Join” the chat that was now “hosted” by one of the participants.

1 reply

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Thanks for reporting, @Travis

I’m sorry to hear this :pensive: We will look into this issue and reply to you via email in the ticket that you’ve submitted to the Support team