Is there an automated way of generating backups of boards / projects?

  • 29 June 2020
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Dear community, 

is there a backup done by miro automatically (team plan)? 

What would happen, if a board, that has a link that is open for everybody, gets “hacked” and all the content would be deleted? 

If there is no solution in place yet, how do you guys handle the topic?

Thanks in advance!



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8 replies

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@Annika -

There is no native method of scheduling backups of boards although I’m sure you could use some sort of macro-based/scripting tool to interact with the Miro app or web browser app to do this externally. 

Miro themselves would be doing regular system backups so you should be able to put in a support request to have them do a restore in case of such corruption.


How can we restore the frame in the boar?

@Annika I think you might find this interesting:

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@Kevin Goedecke - If what @Anton Telitsyn said in this post is true, it seems risky to promote a service that may stop working at anytime.

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Hey @Robert Johnson ! Thanks for highlighting that! Yes, we can recommend using only Miro Public Platform

All other APIs are meant to be used internally only and a subject to change.

This is a dealbreaker for our company. We have too much value on our boards to not have backup. We are looking for an alternative to miro.

An API for automated backups is a must.  My own use case is to automatically back up projects to my synology server.  But there should be an API such that any backup service could write their own app.  Or even better, Miro should be writing apps for different platforms to enable backups.

Asana allows you to export your projects as CSV files, which can be imported back into Asana or into other project management tools. You can use a third-party tool like Zapier or IFTTT to create an automation that exports your Asana projects on a regular basis.