Is there a limit on how many participants are allowed to Vote?

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During a product increment (PI) planning, this is a need to vote on the plan. We have used Miro twice and on both occasion, some participants were not able to vote.

This is either a bug on the voting app or there must be a limit on how any people can vote.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

How can we get help when this issue re-occurs?

We had couple of hundred people on the PI planning meeting.

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@Jayesh Joshi -

I’m not aware of any stated limit on voting (it isn’t called out on the Help Center article related to the feature) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden one or that a performance limit is being reached. I’d suggest opening a support request with Miro here and please share any useful feedback you receive: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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@Kiron Bondale - Thanks for checking. I did not see such an issue listed in Miro Help Center.

I can not edit my original posting on this matter! :scream: . I wanted to specify that there were : 90 participants on 28/July when the issue was observed.  

I have submitted a request : #319899



I just have the same problem. We used MIRO for the whole process (19 participants) and did tree voting exercises during the planning session, and in each of them a couple of participants were not able to vote. The first time I thought it was user related problem, but then a totally different set of participants had the same issue on the second and same thing happened on the third exercise.