Is miro open source?

  • 20 February 2021
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draw io is open source in github.


Is miro open source? 


Best answer by Tolya Filippov 20 February 2021, 06:33

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@username321 - I am 99.999% sure it is not, but let’s ask someone at Miro - @Tolya Filippov?

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Hi @username321 and @Robert Johnson, Miro is not open source.

Could you please share, if Miro was open source, how would it help you?

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There are some common benefits for open source projects. Such as bugs fix, or feature improvement from the community.

But for a company, it is essential for them to close source some project to avoid lost of customers,etc. That is totally understandable. Thanks for your answer that it is not open source. I believe that it won’t in the future too.

It would help because I can’t afford to purchase your hosted solution.  

If I could self host miro then I would be able to use Miro for my small side projects that have no income yet (and might never have income)

And then later when I have a working prototype and I am able to secure funding, I will be already invested in your technology and I won’t want to trouble with self hosting anymore, so I would naturally transition to use your hosted solution.

Just like many other open source solutions such as Mattermost.

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@Eric Hartford You can use Miro entirely for free though. 😊

@Eric Hartford You can use Miro entirely for free though. 😊

what an odd assertion.  you can only make 3 boards for free.  even for my personal little side project that might never earn any money, I still need way more than 3 boards, more like 10.  I can’t pay $16/month for one of a dozen tools I need (jetbrains, slack, asana, figma, hosting, Office, etc) for a side project that might never earn any income.  
If it was possible to self host then there would be a path for this kind of side project to adopt Miro early then convert to hosted/paid as it grows and gains revenue.

I know I’m not going to convince anyone to change their business model.  But at least to explain why it doesn’t make sense for me.