Is Miro down?

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I’ve been trying to load Miro but i’ve been getting the loading sign for over hours now? Is it just me? 

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Thank you @Robert Johnson , really appreciate your response. It works on my Safari but not on chrome. I will try out the steps that you've shared. 🙏


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@Trechelle Lyn Ras - It's fine for me. I checked the Miro Stays page and nothing to report. I would suggest subscribing to updates:

Have to tried connecting from a different network? E.g., mobile hotspot?

Clearing browser cache?

A private/incognito browser window?

A different browser?

Disabling browser extensions?

Disabling any VPN or firewall software?

A different device?

If the Miro desktop app, reinstalling?

The mobile app?

Apps here: