Increase textbox limit with lists (reached by only 500 characters)


Please help me with the character limit of the text-boxes (especially with lists it’s reached with only 500 characters)  because it really disturbs my whole workflow with miro every day, over and over! I can't work with my clients because they can't use it on their own, they get stuck too.

I can't understand why you put such a low limit on text-boxes, it make no sense. It make no sense to put a limit at all in a tool like miro!
And I have seen a lot of other people in the community with the same issue and they all are very disappointed and are willing to change to an other software only because of this issue. We need a solution!

So pleeeease help us and get rid of this limit or set it up to a much higher level.

I know the limit is 6000 characters but with a list I reach the limit with only 500. Maybe its a bug but it happens every day over and over so but please solve this problem!!! I can’t work like that and my clients neither!

Thank you very much!


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@Marcus Schwindt -

Can you clarify what you mean by a “list”? Are you referring to a bulleted list of items and is the concern that any one bulleted item can’t have more than 500 characters?


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@Marcus Schwindt I've made plenty of bulleted and numbered lists in Miro with a lot more than 500 characters and never encountered this issue. Could you perhaps share a screenshot or screen recording?


yes, it’s a bulleted list and here is a screenshot


This is one of the most frustrating and inexplicable things in Miro.

It also seems inconsistent whether you get a warning. Several times (including today) I’ve had my text truncated (lost) because I’ve added spaces, bullets or other formatting and it’s deleted text at the end of the box.

Please can you increase character limits (surely a simple one?) or introduce linking of boxes. 🙏

You’ve added all these amazing features, it’s baffling that something so fundamental is an issue.


Thank you.