I just moved a board to a different account and lost edit access, but I'm the board owner....?

  • 8 April 2021
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I just moved a board from one account to another and have lost my edit access, even though I have still retained the status as board owner. I clicked request edit access and it sent the request to me but I’m unable to accept it. The button is simply unresponsive.

Does anyone have any tips to get this fixed? As it stands, I’m going to lose everything on the board which would make me very, very, very sad.

Thanks in advance!

4 replies

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@Jackson Howard - Did you use the “Move to account” action? If so, the fact that you had that option for the board means you were in fact the board owner. However, the question becomes ‘What is your role on the team were you moved the board to?’

The fact that Miro gave you the destination Team in the list where you could select to move the board to would typically indicate that you were a team “member” of some sort on that destination team. But, what could have happened (and I would have to test the scenario) is that you were perhaps only an ‘occasional user’ on that team, or only had full member rights to one board and therefore a glitch exists that let you pick that team, but once the board was fully moved to the new team, you lost access.


  1. What type of plan was the team were the board used to belong? Free, Team, Business, Consultant, Education, or Enterprise?
  2. And what is the plan type of the team where the board was being moved to? (same list as above...)
  3. How many teams is your Miro account profile, i.e., the email address you sign into Miro with, a member of? E.g.:


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@Jackson Howard - No need to apologize - Miro is responsible for the confusion, e.g., the dashboard action is called Move to account:

… but you are moving the board to a team - yes, in some account, but that isn’t how users refer to it. Miro just recently stopped using the term “space” when duplication a board - they used to ask you “which space you would like to create the duplicated board in”.

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@Kiron Bondale 

Sorry I may have got my nomenclature wrong. I’m not moving it to another account, rather to another team. I have full access in both teams, using the same account. I’ve even asked the Company Admin on the team (where the board is now) for help but they’re also unable to do anything except comment on the board.

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@Jackson Howard - 

Can you provide some more details - when you say you have lost edit access, do you mean from your old Miro account or from the new one? Have you tried logging out, clearing your browser cache and re-logging in using your new account just to ensure there’s no “baggage” left from the old account?